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I was born and raised in Colorado and currently live in the Denver area. I learned how to paint by studying old master works, reading as much as I could about the styles I liked, studying human anatomy, and engaging in almost obsessive practice. My love of the old masters and their works is what made me so interested in portraiture. I'm captivated with the way painting or drawing a portrait can convey the subject's personality in a manner that few other formats can.

I enjoy painting a wide range of subjects and identifying singular characteristics that make each individual who they are. My goal with portraiture is to have the viewer of the work feel the essence of the person depicted, as if they were standing there with them at that very moment.

I use classical and modern techniques to create art that shows a great deal of depth using a complex process of layering and glazing. Each semi-transparent layer is allowed to dry (which can take up to a week or more) before the next layer is applied. Thus, each painting is actually several paintings layered on top of one another.

Every step in the creation of a painting is important to me and I carry it out with great care and craftsmanship. The materials I use are designed to withstand the tests of time and I use them in a way that enhances the overall appearance and emotion of the portrait. The quality of my work makes portraits I create stand apart from typical paintings. I take pride in the quality of my work and I spend as much time as necessary to create a piece worthy of being handed down from generation to generation.

In addition to portraits, I also create gallery work which includes still life and figurative work. I've been featured in Southwest Art Magazine and I have been profiled in their "Artist to Watch" catagory. These paintings and drawings can be viewed at